The Doctor and Bec Chapter 19 – Alien Fish

Alien Fish

I looked at the red puffy fish in the large tank at the aquarium in Dubai  . We had been here for 2 days , seeing the sights .  It blinked . I blinked back, entranced .

‘ Don’t look’ I heard the Doctor mutter behind me . ‘ It’s a Yangaratha . It uses mind control ‘ he added . I stood at the tank , enthralled. I couldn’t tear my eyes away. The Doctor pulled me from the hand away from the tank , where I came out of my trance.

‘ Sorry?’ I asked him . There was a family nearby , a woman and two teenage girls . Twins,  now looking at the fish . I watched as the fish acted normally  , well, it didn’t blink at least to the three strangers ,  ‘ What happened?’ I glanced at him . He was staring at that red fish . He glanced at me and sighed .

‘ You were too curious ‘ he told me . ‘ That fish wanted to be released back to its planet . He knew I was a time lord ‘,

‘ Get off it. That fish was an alien ?’

‘ Yep’ He quipped , his face expressionless.

The Doctor looked at me , and looked back at the fish . He knew what he had to do .

‘ Back to the TARDIS ;, he told me , suddenly excited . ‘ We’re going fishing’ .

I looked at him curiously.

‘ We aren’t going to eat him !!’ I exclaimed.

‘ No, we are going to catch him and send him home. He belongs to a planet called Grantha . He wants to be with his family ‘ the Doctor explained, happily .

That’s the day that I found out alien fish existed on planet Earth.


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