The Doctor and Bec Part 2 Chapter 5

‘ Welcome to New York city. Rockefeller centre . The Statue of Liberty . Central Park zoo , and Central Park itself. Broadway, The Empire State Building. Fantastic shopping and culture. Museums and galleries ‘ he rattled away, as we stepped out into a busy , crowded street in the middle of the city . The sky was overcast , and the sights , smells and surrounds of the city were around us . There was the smell of hotdogs nearby , from a hot dog stand . The twin towers of the World Trade Centre were towering over us ahead in the near distance . ‘ The home of Friends , that BRILLIANT show , Ross Gellar .. ha !!.. and Sex and The City, Sarah Jessica Palmer ..  mmm.. . The city that never sleeps, ‘ he was still rattling . Then paused ‘ And the scene of our first date’ he turned to me , grinning mysteriously . ‘ Shall we take a look? ‘ He asked, taking my arm .

We walked the crowded city streets visiting shops , and the museum of Natural History , and visited Statue of Liberty that afternoon , with the Doctor giving everyone in the vicinity of each site his own guided tour , annoying the staff who was actually paid to do that job. When we stepped off at the ferry that evening  , he took my arm again, jumping into the nearest cab .

‘ I have a surprise ‘, he said brightly , as we stepped out at  Central Park  . A horse and carriage was pulling up near us . I was in awe . A horse drawn carriage ride was on my bucket list . The Doctor , who had just greeted the man who was reining the horses, was hopping in , pulling me to sit inside with him . He turned to me brightly , ‘ I hope you love it’ he asked .

As we rode through Central Park , I rested my head on his chest, his arm around me . I have never felt so happy , I thought to my self as we cuddled up with a checked blanket over our laps . That was about to change . The world was going to change , the very next morning .

The next morning , after checking out of a hotel , near we had parked the TARDIS ( separate rooms of course) , we were walking back home , the sounds of New York around us . Then I heard a plane’s jets too close to be normal over head . I looked at the Doctor, who was gripping my hand . He had stopped , his eyes fixated on the blue sky above us , his face in sorrow , then in shock as he had realised that he forgotten to check the date we arrived on . We watched as the plane flew right into the tower of the World Trade Centre , a couple of blocks away , and another plane , a short time later , fly into its twin . Something I had remembered watching on TV , and mourned about with the rest of the world , was happening right in front of my eyes . I stood on that street corner, not able to move , not believing what was happening , the Doctor next to me , now having his arm around my back , crying . He faced me , tears in my eyes . He looked scared .

‘ Bec ? ‘ He started . ‘ We need to get back to the TARDIS. We can’t help those poor people’ . His urgent voice sounding too far away , as I watched the destruction unfolding in front of my eyes. People screaming , windows smashing , the sound of sirens , and the Twin Towers burning , dust and smoke in my eyes . I heard breaking glass being blasted apart close by , smashing as it hit the sidewalk.

‘ Bec , come along now ‘ his voice still urgent . I was transfixed on the spot , not believing what was happening . I heard a distant sigh from him , as people around us , who weren;t already trapped were rushing around to safety , screaming and calling out to loved ones.

I felt him pick me up from the sidewalk  when I couldn’t move my feet , and he raced back to the TARDIS. It was a fixed point in time , and he was unable to do anything . As soon as we arrived , he placed me in the captains chair , where I was trying to forget what I just seen . He was striding around the console room, running his hands through that brown hair, now thick with dust , his face dirty and sweating from the run back to safety , muttering to himself ‘ I didn’t check the date. I really should’ve checked the date. I am so, so stupid ‘, he was telling himself angrily . I looked at what he was doing , and spoke up .

‘ We need to help . Those people . We have to help them!! Please !!’ I urged him .

‘ No’

‘ Why not ?!!’

“ It is a fixed point in time . If we go outside  , and be a part of events, we could end up like those poor people who just lost their beautiful lives , ourselves. Well, you , or um me too if I don’t regenerate in time .  Its important that we stay here . Even better , its important that we get out of here. Now ‘ he told me , serious . He had his hands on a button , pressed it and pulled the lever .

I watched him , now in shock . He had left all those people behind .

‘ Go back’ I urged him . I couldn’t believe what he was doing . If I had the strength , I would’ve got up and pulled the right combination of buttons and levers myself . The Doctor had taught me to fly the TARDIS . He walked over to the chair to where I was sitting , and kneeled down, facing me . His face was set to stone .

‘ Go BACK DOCTOR !! NOW, before I slap you !! ‘ He pressed his hand to his cheek , remembering what I had done in the past when he kissed me in the snow covered moor .

‘ If we go back , I run the risk of losing you. I can’t do that . You are important to me , Bec , ‘ he said voice breaking . So that was the reason . He enveloped me in a hug. ‘ I’m sorry, sweetheart , I’m so sorry, but sometimes I can’t save people or change events . Most times I can, and I do . But not today . It’s a fixed point in time . World history . What happens stays the same , ‘holding me in his arms . I understood . Of course he had to leave. It was too dangerous back in new York for us to stay . He had to run away this time . I looked into his kind, trusting big brown eyes that was filled with tears , with my blue ones . I settled from my rage in his embrace.

‘ I wish this is one memory I could lose’ I told him . Of all the memories that Fred and Anne took from me , when they drugged me , it couldn’t have been this one . I remember watching everything unfold back home . I had to just relive it . I was very scared. Scared for my life  ‘, head resting on his chest, listening to the twin heartbeat and smelling the Time Lord scent of his  . ‘ You saved me , though’ I reminded him . ‘ You saved one person. Me ‘ . And I was thankful for that . He hugged me , his blue suit dirty and ripped , now blackened from the destruction . He was still sweating from the race back to the TARDIS  ‘ ‘ You’re welcome ‘ he soothed , kissing the top of my head .

Over the next few days , we didn’t let each other out of our sights mostly. We had learned that we had to stick together , and to hold the things we love near . The moment after we watched all those poor people die , and that he saved me from that fate , was when I realised that I was starting to fall  in love with the Doctor.


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