The Doctor and Bec Part 2 Chapter 10

The readings on the TARDIS console were going haywhire , as we were tumbling , turning and spinning through the time vortex. The Doctor and I were grabbing onto the rails , holding onto for our lives , as the Doctor was yelling at his ship , trying to find out what was wrong . The Doctor couldn’t control it, each time he tried to edge back to the console , he fell backwards . Whenever we were tumbling to , it was a doozy . The TARDIS had picked up a signal of some kind, and we were unsure of what it was

After about an hour and a half of constant tumbling, turning and spinning , she started to steady herself . By this time , I had bruises over my body from being pushed back into the rails , and I wasn’t sure on how the Doctor was . He was enjoying the ride, grinning manically as he yelled ‘ Mystery tour ! I can’t wait !! ‘. As the TARDIS started to slow down , the Doctor , thankful that he was able to reach the console without being flown back , reached for the lever to land us , but the TARDIS had other ideas. We crashed onto the ground as we landed . I was glad to let go of the rails , as they were hurting my hands .

‘ Right then!’ the Doctor called , straightening his tie . ‘ That never usually happens . Whatever is out there , it must be huge for the TARDIS to react like this ‘ as he petted the console . He sniffed and looked at me , grateful to be still alive , now sunken into the captains chair , greatful . ‘ Now , shall we take a look ? ‘ pulling me up to walk to the door . I was expecting some kind of planet , or some kind of amazing civilisation. I didn’t expect what was out of those doors.

We had crashed onto the red paved driveway of a bed and breakfast that was housed in a semi detached Gregorian white house , by the paintwork , it looked recent , but the house was old . I smelt sea air , and heard waves crashing the coast line nearby . Sea gulls were calling , and judging by the recent model cars that just passed us on the road ,and the sound of Adele playing from one of them as it drove past, we were somewhere near my own time stream .

The Doctor stepped out after me and glanced at it , disappointed . OOOH is that it !! I wanted a cool planet !! Not land in Brighton in January 2016 !! Picking up the receipt that was flung from a car that had passed . ‘ Litterbugs’ he muttered . ‘ Ruining this beautiful earth’ he continued . ‘ But why did you bring us here ?! He cooed to the TARDIS . He sounded uninterested , but he was jumping on the balls of his feet , ready to solve the mystery on why we had landed here. He grabbed my hand ‘ Lets take a look , shall we ? ‘ and we walked up that long driveway to solve why the TARDIS had landed us here in the first place .


‘ John Smith, and Bec Green, health inspectors ‘ he beamed to the middle aged  blonde woman behind the reception desk . The house was really old, maybe pre 1900s . Travelling with the Doctor had given me a sixth sense on how to work out time just by observing our surroundings .

‘ Sorry, but we aren’t due for an inspection for another year ‘ said the woman behind the desk , looking up at the Doctor who was leaning on the antique desk casually . I cleared my throat , and he heard . He stood back up to full height.

‘ Oh, didn’t I say ? I phoned ahead , the rules have changed ‘ he grinned at her . ‘ Um , they changed three months ago . The receptionist glared at him , not believing a word he was saying . The Doctor snuck a surprised glance at me . The psychic paper nearly always worked , whatever was stopping us was working .

‘ I’m getting the manager ‘ the receptionist told him with a curt tone in her voice  . She picked up the phone that was sitting on the desk , glaring at us .

‘ Oh please do ! Brilliant ! I want to have a nice chat to her about this fine bed and breakfast . For, um , inspecting ‘ still beaming .

‘ Him’ she stated. ‘ Please sit down until he gets here?’ she added , a bit more politely , indicating to the leather seetee that was against one of the walls .

‘ Thankyou , we will , um until we can meet this manager . We’ll be just inspecting this lounge ‘ he added . I shook my head at the way he was carrying on . As we sat down , defeated and not knowing why this plan didn’t work , the Doctor leaned over to me and in an undertone , told me ‘ I hope we have a bit more luck with this manager . Something is wrong here. I can feel it ‘. The hair on the back of his neck was raised . And whatever was happening here, I hope that brain of his was thinking of a plan to find out .

Then I felt nervous . Very nervous . I looked around at my surroundings . It was a nice little bed and breakfast , with a wide glass door leading to a garden and patio outside , polished wooden floors , and sunny yellow walls that showed brick work through it in places . Some soothing music was playing from somewhere nearby , and guests were milling around , looking happy. I couldn’t work it out . I leaned back to the Doctor , who was gazing around himself

‘ I feel nervous ‘ I whispered .

‘So do I .. I can feel it . He sniffed his nose again . He grabbed my hand and fell quiet , until ten minutes later a short man , possibly in his early 40s , with black hair and a moustache strode into the room , noticed us sitting there , walked over and offered his hand to the Doctor . ‘ Gerald Finchley, manager of Chesterfield Lodge’ he greeted us professionally.

The Doctor jumped up and shook his hand enthustiacally , a little bit too much so . The man looked surprised and a little bit put off at this greeting.

‘ John Smith, this is my associate Bec Green , and we would like to stay at your wonderful lodge , please !’ I stared at him . This was his plan ? Not imitating as health inspectors ? Then it dawned on me. He wanted to be on the inside as guests . The manager looked around, probably curious of the lack of luggage . The Doctor was watching what he was doing .

‘ I thought you two were health inspectors ? Doing an inspection? He asked curiously .

Um , yep. I’m forgetful . I thought we were doing an inspection. But, I got the date wrong . My associate looked on the website before we arrived . We thought it would be a nice place to stay ? He added hopefully . He glanced at me , where I was not believing what I was seeing .

I , will , um get our bags out of the car .’ He murmured. ‘ Check us in please Bec ? He added.

‘ Associate ??!’ I hissed as he walked back to the TARDIS

‘ Well, I really couldn’t tell them you are my girlfriend’ he hissed back . ‘ They probably would think we were sneaking off on a little cheeky getaway , which it seems , looks like we are ‘  he said with a wink as he walked out

‘ Don’t forget to park the car !!’ I called out to him , thinking what would happen if anyone saw the TARDIS. We wouldn’t want to attract anymore attention than we currently were in . I was still feeling nervous . Whatever had brought us here , I hoped we would find out fast .


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