Tree Climbing :A Doctor Donna fic


The Doctor had a leg perched on a branch of a large tree, glancing next to him where Donna was still standing on the grass. She looked petrified.

‘Donna, you need to climb this tree, like now, otherwise that tribal leader will find us!’

‘You couldn’t find anywhere else for us to hide?’ she asked him.

‘No. do you see anywhere else Donna? This field is empty, apart from this tree! Now climb!’ She was rooted to the spot. The Doctor sighed.

‘You do know how to climb a tree don’t you?’ he asked gently.

‘Of course I do Spaceman! ‘ she retorted a bit too quickly.

‘ Really?’ he asked, not believing her.

‘I don’t like heights’ she admitted.

‘Well then, the best way to conquer a phobia , in your case , acrophobia is to actually face it.. come on, close your eyes..’

‘But I won’t know where I’m climbing!!’

‘I hold your hand all the way’ he promised. ‘ I won’t let you fall..’ Donna opened an eye, he had already climbed onto a lower branch, they could hear the tribal chant in the distance.

‘ You need to left your leg up’

‘I’m wearing a dress.. you’re not going to see my knickers!!’ she yelled.

‘I won’t look ‘ he promised, rolling his eyes.

‘How are you going to help me up if you’re not going to look?’ He rolled his eyes again.

‘Stop the questions Donna, I won’t look at your … um..’ he couldn’t complete the sentence. Donna understood.

‘Good, I won’t have that, eyes up front Martian..’

‘You need to raise your leg’

‘Which one?’

‘Pick one.. does it matter?’ he groaned. ‘You’ll feel a branch ‘ as she lifted her leg onto the branch.

‘Now what?’

‘You’ll have to lift your arms up high, grab onto another branch.’

‘Does it matter which one?’

‘No Donna, now hurry, they’re approaching..’ she grabbed onto a nearby branch.

‘Good.. now lift your leg again.. just follow my voice.. ‘ and she did as they climbed the tree. When they got high enough, the Doctor told her to open her eyes.

‘Look down Donna Noble, you just climbed a tree.. and conquered your fear..’ as the tribe went past , confused where they got to . Donna snorted.

‘They’re so stupid that they don’t know we climbed a tree’ as the tribal leader turned back .

‘Oh… ‘ the Doctor moaned. ‘ I forgot..’

‘What Doctor? ‘

‘I forgot that this tribe had excellent hearing. They found us’

Donna just slapped the Doctor hard in the face, like she nearly always did.



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