The Doctor and Bec Part 3 Chapter 6

‘ Excuse me sir, but please don’t pet the test subjects ‘

The Doctor looked up from where he was petting a beagle , who was licking his hand . A young Asian woman, who spoke with Chinese accent was approaching us from the other side of the room . Noticing the lady, the Doctor had his interested face on .

I was enjoying one of my favourite past times , visiting an animal shelter and volunteering . The Doctor was picking me up after a long day .

‘ Sorry, did you say test subjects ? ‘ he asked her . ‘ What do you mean, test subjects ?’ . He looked at me , which I shook my head . I didn’t know what was happening . I only fed the animals , and played with them. I had no access to the offices , or staff, apart from receiving my instructions each day .

‘ These animals here are being tested for intelligence ,’ she told him.

‘ Intelligence .. all animals are intelligent ! They don’t need to be tested on to determine that! ‘ . He glared at her . ‘ Show me what you are doing . Now !’ he was speaking in an even , determined matter , never a good sign.

We followed her through a red curtain at the back of the shelter, I had seen it , and walked past it before . I always assumed that it led to an office .

I didn’t expect a lab, with tables full of cats and dogs on each of them , being prodded . I felt sick with the sight .

The Doctor walked right up a staff member , really a scientist , who was inserting a needle into a Labrador . He stopped and faced the scientist .

‘ Stop please. You’re hurting this poor dog ‘ . The scientist pushed down the needle , and the dog whimpered .

‘You’re hurting them !’ I exclaimed , shocked at what I was seeing .

‘This needs to stop ‘, the doctor said , really warned . I need you to close down this shelter , where I will take these poor animals to a proper shelter , which I have investigated , and will make sure they will not be hurt . Please use science for good, not evil. If you can’t , I will report this to any animal lobbiest , and any animal protection agency and they will shut it down for me. Your choice ‘

‘ I’ll get the manager’ spluttered the young scientist .

‘ Good ‘ replied the Doctor , with a warning in his voice.

5 hours later , they had shut down the shelter ,with the Doctor promising that he would be keeping an eye on them, and we were dropping off the animals that had been testing on to the RSPCA . Apart from that beagle that was following the Doctor around while he was doing the thing he did best , protecting and helping .

‘What are we going to do with this pup ?’ I asked him , hopeful . The dog was curled up on the grated floor , near the Doctors legs , where he was sitting in the jump seat .

The Doctor looked at me . He had already decided .

‘ This one won’t stop following me , and when I leave , I can hear him whimper . Of course we are going to keep him . Ohhh I know I’m getting old. I’m becoming domestic’ I glared at him .

And that’s how we adopted our pet, Harry .


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