Fairy Floss Confessions – A Ten/Rose fic


They left the sounds and the lights of the alien carnival behind them as they walked hand in hand back to the TARDIS. The Doctor had finally encouraged Rose to go on a roller coaster , and they also had fun bumping into each other on the dodgem cars . Rose was carrying a large stuffed purple hippo underneath her arm, the one the Doctor had won for her thanks to his precise aim at a darts game. In her free hand, she was carrying a large pink fairy floss on a stick, nibbling at it ,and she was laughing merrily , she had a sugar rush.

The Doctor had his own fairy floss in his free hand , every now and then , Rose sneaked a look at him , and the look on his face was priceless. They were swinging their hands by now, waking in silence through the blue grass to the edge of the forest where the TARDIS was lit up in the night.

He was grinning ear to ear, his eyes glistening in the full moon light. The Doctor had been sneaking glances at his Rose himself.

Just looking at her made him smile. Heck , even thinking of her made him want to shout to the universe that he adored Rose Tyler.

He was in love, but he never knew how to say that he loved her.

He didn’t know if it was the amount of fairy floss he was currently eating , but he had to say it, before he would chicken out. He was nervous, he had butterflies in his stomach. They had reached the TARDIS by then , Rose was unlocking the door, he dropped his hand from hers and pulled her into a hug, she sighed happily.

‘I have to say it, just do it Doctor’ he told himself mentally. Geez, he was really nervous, what if she didn’t say it back ?

‘Rose Tyler..’ he murmered into her blonde hair.

Those hazel eyes he loved looked into his brown ones.

‘Yes Doctor?’ she asked, smiling her smile.

‘Allons-y Doctor’ he told himself mentally.

‘I love you’ It came out in a rush.

‘Thank Gallifrey for that !’ He thought, but he was still anticipating Rose’s reaction.

She did , by leaning into a kiss, murmering ‘ I love you too’ as they pulled apart, with the stars in the inky sky twinkling above, the hum of the TARDIS giving her consent of her thief and his pink and yellow human.


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