The Doctor and Bec Part 3 Chapter 14

‘ Ok Bec , you need to push next contraction’, Martha urged at the end of the bed , an hour later . The Doctor was gripping my right hand, and he was mopping the sweat of my forehead with a spare facecloth. As the next contraction beared down through my body , I pushed .

And I kept pushing for the next hour and a half, sweat dripping down my face. I think I nearly broke the Doctors hand , but he wasn’t complaining . Martha was starting to get worried , she started suggesting to send me to UNIT base to get a surgeon to give me a Cesarean Section, to which the Doctor told her , ‘ NO ! Wait ! I’m letting my baby be born to be an experiment !’ However, if he or she didn’t arrive soon , there would be no choice . The babys heartbeats were still strong , however , and with every push , it was a step further in meeting our baby.

I heard those wonderful words from Martha half an hour later , ‘ The head is crowning ‘. The Doctor jumped up from his position on a chair next to the bed for a look, but as he did , I pulled him back by his tie.

; You’re staying here you ..’ I was fed up , and I swore at him , to which he gave me a disgusted look

‘ Language !’ he stuttered.

‘ You did this to me !’ I growled , as I pushed our baby into the universe. I felt the body slip out between my legs , and into Marthas waiting hands, then a long wail . She held the baby up so I could see.

‘ It’s a girl ! Congratulations Doctor and Bec ‘, she was beaming . The Doctor kissed my forehead murmuring ‘ You did so well ‘

‘ Dad , would you like to cut the cord ?’ Martha asked , and the Doctor got his chance , he jumped up , and a short time later , he came back with a bundle wrapped in a pink striped blanket . She was still crying , a strong healthy cry .

‘ Shhh.. Daddys here ‘ he soothed . ‘ Mummys here ‘ he told her , as he passed my daughter into my waiting arms , and this time , he sat on the bed with me .

She looked exactly like the Doctor , her head full of dark hair , and those eyes , that I had fallen in love with, the exact shape , but blue . I told him that she looked like him , to which he added , ‘ shes also gorgeous like her mum ‘ .

‘ She is perfect in every way ‘ Martha told us . ‘ A healthy weight , 7 pound 12 ounces , and 51 cm long ‘

I looked at my daughter in my arms , now feeding for the first time , and touched her tiny head .

‘ What shall we name her ? ‘ I asked the Doctor . We had a few names in mind , but we hadn’t decided .

‘ I think , she wants to be named Hailey’ he murmured .

‘ Sorry, what ?’ I asked him

‘ I speak baby ‘ he replied , kissing her on the head .

We now had Hailey Candace in our lives , and as I fell asleep , exhausted from the delivery , my daughter in my arms , and my husband by my side , I felt content .


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