Please Help Other People- A Communtity message

I’ve never felt so ashamed in myself.

Just because of people’s actions and hurtful words, harassing me and taunting me because I have a neurological disorder.

I just got home an hour late, because a bus driver threatened to get the police on me , because I wasn’t allowed to sit in the disabled access seats.

With my neurological disorder, I suffer with balance issues and chronic pain. I have seizures.

I did not ask to be like this, nor did I need for a bus driver to act this way towards me. He even told my 69 year old mother to get up , where she uses a walking aide.

I trued explaining to him that I do suffer, but he hAD to go to and phone the police.

Being sick is NOT a police matter. Nor is not being allowed to sit in a seat where my mother and I feel safe.

Needless to say, the incident caused me to have five seizures.

I also did not need for that driver to tell me to stop seizing on his bus.

I also did not need for a young female passenger to laugh and abuse me, calling me a mental retard, among other hurtful slanders.

I have been bullied, emotionally and physically abused all my life, and actions and words from other people do have a massive impact on people’s mental health.

I phoned the bus service, and they weren’t willing to listen.

I always thought drivers had to abide by a Code of Conduct, clearly they aren’t.

I had a moment , where I was seriously considering self harm , and went to Facebook. I had an ex friend tell me to stop posting shit, and I was a drama queen.

I also had my cousin tell me that she was too busy to talk to me , while I was in a mental state.

Its never okay to say harmful things to someone who clearly needs someone to listen.

It is never okay to be too busy for someone who needs your help.

Be the kind of person that will help another human being when they are in trouble, and not the person who judges others on disability.

You may end up being that person who needs help.

Share this post, make it viral.

You may save a life.

Life line can be called on 13 11 14 within Australia if you need to talk to a trained professional who will help.


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