Walks in Walnut Sized Raindrops- A Doctor Donna Fic

Flinging open the door to the TARDIS, the Doctor and Donna were met with a grey sky overhead and pouring rain.

Rain the size of walnuts.

‘Oh brilliant! We’ve arrived in monsoon season.. Donna Noble, it only rains once every four years here! Molto Bene!’ the Doctor exclaimed, beaming. He whipped around.

‘Donna? What are you doing?’ he asked, as she had started to set off.

‘Getting an umbrella. It may only rain on this planet every four years, but my hair frizzles in rain!’ she called back.

‘Oh come on! The rain on your face, it’s a brilliant feeling!’

‘Don’t care Spaceman!’ he heard her reply somewhere close by, reappearing with a yellow umbrella in her hand.

Walking along a tree lined lane, Donna watched as the Doctor laughed happily, the walnut sized raindrops falling on his face.

Until he stomped in a particularly large puddle of water, soaking Donna’s clothes and face.

‘What did you do THAT FOR SPACEMAN!’

The Doctor just grinned.

‘Rain on your face. Told you it was a brilliant feeling’

‘That’s not rain Dumbo , it’s a PUDDLE! I’m DRENCHED!’

Image result for doctor donna gif


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