When The Media Goes The Extra Mile For a Viewer

I have a wonderful story to tell, and it gives me hope for humanity.

Yesterday, Larry Emdur and Kylie Gillies from The Morning Show ( On Channel 7, here in Australia) did a live chat for their fans in celebration for their 10th Birthday.

Last week, my mother celebrated her 70th birthday, and she is an avid Larry and Kylie fan. She watches them nearly every morning, and has been since the first episode.

I left a comment on their live chat, requesting them to wish my mum a belated Happy Birthday, not expecting them to do so, but they did. I showed Mum and she cried.

I would’ve been happy with just that, but last night, Sarah Stinson, the show’s Executive Producer left a reply on my comment to email so they could also send a card to my mother.

In today’s harsh cruel world, its lovely to see humanity. Especially from the media. Sarah doesn’t know my mother, nor has even met her. This just proves Ms Stinson is a wonderful human being, same with Larry and Kylie. It is such a beautiful, kind gesture.

It gives me faith in humanity. It also proves that it is possible to be kind to strangers.



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