My Opinion on the Thirteenth Doctor

My name is Bec and I am a Whovian, and I have been one for the past two years. I also will continue to be one when Jodie Whittaker’s first episode is aired.

Because I believe the Doctor will remain the Doctor. Not all this ‘ because the Doctor is a woman, I’ll stop watching’ nonsense, plus all the degority comments I’ve heard since the announcement towards Whittaker, and fans of the show.

I’m not a feminist, I just believe that if a person is suitable for the job, they should get it regardless of gender.

We know in canon that Timelords can swap gender in regeneration. Take Missy for example, plus Eleven thought he was a girl at first. Take also in effect that Eleven also stated in ‘The Doctor’s Wife’ he knew of a Timelord that was a woman a couple of times. We also saw the General regenerate into a woman in ‘Hell Bent’

So why is this acceptable , and not for the Doctor to be female? I like to think she regenerated into female form in honour of every female companion she had in a male’s form.

Its also nice to see a female lead to be a hero figure , and give inspiration to little girls worldwide that they can do anything as well.

I am also sad at people who claim that they are fans of the show mention that they won’t watch the show anymore. Those people are possibly not fans, and possibly also said the same thing when past Doctors were announced. I’ve also seen some of those same people claim that they would stop watching when Pearl Mackie was announced as Twelve’s companion. I’m also sad that other Whovian’s can’t be accepting of other people’s views. Just because a person likes a female lead, doesn’t mean that they should be slammed on social media. Same goes if you don’t like the casting choice. Its fine to not like an actress, but its NOT okay to make nasty comments because she is a woman.

Doctor Who has been around for 54 years, and fans state that the show will be ruined and cancelled because of Whittaker’s casting. NO. A lot of things have to happen to make a show cancelled, not because the lead is suddenly female.

To all these naysayers, give her a chance. Her first episode hasn’t even been aired yet and you are judging her already. How would you feel if you couldn’t do something because of your gender? That is what you are implying.

It also has to be said the majority of past Doctors and companions agree with the casting choice. A lot can be said from this. Whittaker has also worked with David Tennant and Arthur Darvill. If she chooses to get advice from them, who are better mentors? The Tenth Doctor and Rory Williams. The most successful and popular Doctor of possibly all time and a popular former companion.

I know Whittaker from her portrayal as Beth Latimer in ‘Broadchurch’ and she is a superb actress. I look forward to what she does with her portrayal of ‘The Doctor’. She could turn out to be one of the Doctor’s we all love and will be crying over when she eventually leaves.

Just give her a chance please.

ICYMI, here’s Jodie’s announcement.




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