Hi and Welcome !!

Hi I’m Bec !

I’m a massive Whovian and David Tennant fan from Brisbane , Australia. I also love the art of adult colouring .

I became a Whovian in 2015, Nine was my first Doctor . I cried with his regeneration, and every regeneration since then. Especially Ten’s. David Tennant and Peter Capaldi are my Doctors, and my fave companions are Rose , Jack and Donna.

Since watching Tennant’s incarnation of the Doctor, I have became a fan girl. He is a very talented actor, and also seems to be a very nice , down to earth guy. My dream is to meet him one day. Even my mother adores David Tennant.

Keep an eye out for the Daily David’s on here-  there is so much Tennant content on the net, so I thought daily posts would be the best way to share some Tennant love with you all.

I also write Doctor Who Fan Fiction- mainly Tenth Doctor and Donna Noble. Find them on here and on fanfiction.net . My user name is thegeekywhovian

My mission is to share my colouring creations and Doctor Who / David Tennant love with you daily , in the form of content I have found on the net and my own pictures.

Follow me on Instagram – @thecolouringwhovian for more Whovian, David Tennant and colouring love