Do NOT deny yourself of Food While Losing Weight!

Simple fact is, your body craves food.

So do NOT deny your body of it. That forbidden food? Have it in moderation. And DO not binge, it leads to all sorts of health issues. I’m living proof- I had a cheat day, and I felt like crap that night, because I binged on the forbidden food.

I have been researching all different kinds of diets, and my favourite one by far is the 90:10 ratio – not a diet, but a healthy approach to eating in the long term. And its been recommended by my own GP.

Basically, 90% of your diet is ‘good’stuff, and the other 10% is the naughty stuff.

To work out the ratios, add up the amount of meals/snacks you have in a week. Then multiply it by .9 . That will give you the amount of meals that are healthy- the other amount are your treats.

But always eat in moderation. You don’t want to end up feeling sick. The best way to do it is space out those treats over the week. Eg- have that takeaway on a Friday night, but a smaller portion. Have that piece of cake on a Sunday. Have that iced coffee or milkshake.But take it slowly. ¬†Occasional treats can also help in weight loss, they speed up your metabolism. And if you also exercise regularly, that will help as well.

Don’t think of it as a diet, just eating correctly. And please don’t count calories, that is not how to live your life. Just focus more on portion size.

How a Cheat Day Did NOT Work For Me

I had been dreaming of a cheat day for two weeks , since I was eating healthily to lose weight.

I was craving all the forbidden food, thinking a cheat day would allow me to indulge.

In theory, it was perfect. It was even perfect when I ate the McFeast and fries and drank the Coke. It was perfect when I bought the donut.

My body was feeling great, and I had no issues eating unhealthily for one day. I was also planning what to eat on my next cheat day.

Until an hour later, the headache kicked in. I didn’t think any of it, until I sat down and ate that donut after my dinner. Within 5 minutes of finishing it, the headache had gotten worse, and within an hour, I started suffering with horrible indigestion, that kept me up all night. My face had broken out as well and I felt sluggish. I was up and down all night, and mind me saying, going to the toilet constantly, constipated. I was so glad I had Quick Eze left over from 3 weeks ago , when I was suffering with gastric issues. The same gastric issues that had completely cleared up when I started eating healthily. I even took a photo of myself , to remind myself the next time I feel like an indulgence, that I feel like utter crap.

So I made a decision. Eating junk on one day of a week is totally not worth the horrible reactions to your body.

By midnight, I was craving a fruit salad and a juice. Which I will have today. I was also looking forward to my daily workout to get rid of this crap that I had put in my body.

As I said, its not worth the junk food if you feel like utter hell afterwards. I even took a photo of that donut that I had been craving on Instagram.. and looking back at that photo, all I see is sugar and unwanted calories, calories I could’ve consumed in a much healthier way.

I’ve turned from a junk food eating most days, lazy women, to a complete healthy life advocate. I still have 10-15 kg to lose, but all that hard work was undone on that cheat day. ¬†I had my check up at the doctor yesterday, and I have lost 3kg, my cholesterol levels have gone into a almost healthy , normal range and my measurements have decreased. My GP and nurse were praising me on my hard work, and that positive feedback is so much better than filling your body with junk food.

I live in a city , and the majority of people I see out and about are overweight, and even obese. I see these people sit down in the food court each and every day gorging on large meals from fast food chains, and I get the weird look from them when I sit down to a Vietnamese roll, chicken and salad sandwich or a Subway, with either water or juice. I also get strange looks from them when I treat myself to a piece of organic chocolate or one of my vices, a protein ball. I would much rather put that in my body than that icecream sundae or piece of cake. My own mother ate an apple pie the other day, and the smell of it literally made me feel unwell. For each unhealthy option in the food court, there is always more healthier options. Hey, maybe I’ll indulge and get myself some jelly ( which is so much healthier than that sundae or iced chocolate).

Maybe a cheat day works for most people, but not me at all. I think the most I’ll do on those ‘cheat days’ is indulge in mayo on my subway or milo on my weetbix.

Or maybe both.

Does a cheat day work for you? Let me know


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Selfie taken to remind myself of how I felt and looked after a cheat day